19 Recommendations for 2019

01. Pay attention more

Life would be a lot easier if we paid more attention to the things and happenings around us. There is so much we can learn about life if we paid more attention even to our own lives.

02. Be more mindful

Mindfulness is the difference between living life by default and living life by design – And this is true! Those who are mindful usually end up in the kind of lives that they desire.

03. Live a purpose-driven life

Stop doing things “just because”. Have a purpose, that is your own, for everything you do. Always ask why, and understand why you do what you do or what you have to do. Have your own why, your purpose. And let that purpose drive your decisions in life.

04. Help others more often

Although people are not willing to admit that they need help, a lot of us actually do. Stretch out a helping hand more often, and people would appreciate it. Let people know that you actually want to help, with no strings attached.

05. Keep calm

For real though… not everything has to be a problem. If it will not matter in six months time, then it is not worth fussing over right now. Life is too short to be stressing over things that will not matter in the future. Change the narrative you tell yourself, into something positive. It will help you remain calm.

06. Give more

Generosity is not always about money. Give your time, your company, your words, your knowledge, your talent, and so on. Generosity leads to having plenty. Those who give, usually have more to give. I guess that is why the great man said that giving is more blessed than receiving.

07. Focus on you

It does not matter what the next person has or is doing. Focus on you being a better person than you were the last time. That is how you grow. That energy used in monitoring the progress of others, redirect them inwards and focus on you.

08. Love gently

No matter how hard you try, you cannot love some people more than they let you. That is, they have the power to limit how much you can love them. Sometimes you not loving them enough, might not be your fault. And when this happens, you have to love them gently.

09. Reach out more

Some relationships die not because someone got busy. They die because the other person chooses not to reach out when someone got busy. “I did not want to disturb you because you were busy” turns more friends into strangers.

10. Add value first

We all want things in life. But to get, we first must give. When you add value to people’s lives, it always comes back to us in many folds. It also keeps us relevant in the lives of those we invest into.

11. Remember God

And remember that He is God no matter what! Develop a personal relationship with him for an added advantage in life. All the religion in the world means nothing if you do not have some kind of personal relationship with God.

Sleep Statistics

12. Sleep more

Did you think this list would be complete without me talking about sleep? Adequate sleep is one of the most effective productivity boosters available. I am sure you think you are so productive right now with less sleep. Try sleeping eight hours at night, for three consecutive nights. Then watch how your productivity would multiply in the following days. I will let Ariana Huffington tell you more about “sleeping your way to success“.

13. Learn to speak in positives

Some of us do not know what we want. But we know what we do not want. Learn to express that in positive language. Rather than saying “I do not want a shitty job”, learn to say “I want a job that I enjoy”. Likewise, rather than saying “sorry for the delay” learn to say “thank you for waiting”. Speak in positives, not negatives.

14. Replicate success

What were those things that you did well at in 2018? And what were your biggest achievements? What gave you the most desirable results? What worked well for you in 2018? Replicate them again this year.

15. Improve a little

Still on the topic of replicating success: improve on the successes of 2018. Do better in 2019. Let us say you were consistent writing five hundred words weekly in 2018. Try aiming for six hundred or seven hundred and fifty words in 2019. If you saved 15% in 2018, try aiming for 20% in 2019. Improve yourself, even if by a little. Future you will thank you.

16. Build relationships

I said this last year, and I cannot over-emphasize this enough. In 2019, build deep and meaningful relationships. This is one of the keys to a long, healthy and fulfilling life. If you still doubt this, then you should watch this Ted talk about what makes a good life.

17. Create systems

If you are someone who likes to stay organized, then you need systems. If you want to optimize your 2019, you need to build a system for the important aspects of your life. Be it your finance, your career, work, even your health… they all need a system. You need a system to ensure optimal results all the time.

18. Stop multitasking

For those who say multitasking is one of your strongest suits… please skip this one. Everyone else, please stop multitasking! Unless you are walking and listening to music at the same time, stop multitasking! And of course, I am referring to work here. It is tempting to want to multitask, I know. I have been there. But single-tasking might be your single greatest productivity hack! Stick to one task, focus on it, execute well, and then move on to conquer the next.

19. Celebrate more

Those who know me know that I like to celebrate even the little things. It comes from a heart of gratitude, and a desire to reward one’s self. Rewarding yourself, even for little accomplishments, pushes you to do more. And do not wait to be celebrated. Reward and celebrate yourself for doing well. Pop a bottle once in a while. Be grateful and be merry.

To your success,