How to Woo a Technical Co-Founder

Featured Image - How to Woo a Technical Co-Founder

Sometimes people have businesses or ideas that need some kind of technical know-how. Whether the business utilizes tech, or it is a tech company, some ideas are very dependent on some form of tech. And while one can outsource the technical aspects of their business, having a technical co-founder could…

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Could It Be Better?

Featured Image - Could It Be Better

“That is how it has always been done” I know! But spare a few minutes to hear me out. I have always considered myself an innovative person. I have always thought I was innovative, and if you know me, you would also agree. But even if you are not innovative,…

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2016 in Numbers

For those who do not know, I kept track of a number of things in my life during the year 2016. I did this for two reasons. One was just for the fun of it, and the other was for personal statistics. I do not remember the woman who said…

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