About 2016

Featured Image - About 2016

Let me share with you some thoughts and facts about my year 2016.   The Single Best Thing that Happened Since 2012 or so, my friend Kevin has been calling me “Uncle Oki”. But in 2016, I officially became an uncle with the birth of my younger sisters first birth….

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Unintentionally Unavailable

Before I explain the meaning of “unintentionally unavailable“, let me brief you first. In the part of the world where I come from, it is generally believe that men should always do the chasing. Some even believe that it is a taboo for a woman to “chase” a man. But…

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12 Recommendations for 2017

As the new year kicks off, I have some recommendations for you, as usual. So here are my 12 recommendations for the year 2017.   Be mindful, of who you are, what you do and how you respond to life. Know yourself… It is one way of transforming your life….

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