I Am Starting A Podcast Soon


For at least a few years now, I have had the idea to start a podcast. I cannot remember when the idea first came to me, but I am sure it has been a few years now. But recently, I have had a few reasons to get started sooner rather…

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7 Little Ways to be Happier in 2017

Featured Image - 7 Little Ways to be Happier in 2017

With the first quarter of the year gone, how well would you say your year is coming along? If all is going well, then you should still be right on top of your goals. If not, there is still time to adjust and get back on track. But with life…

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How to Woo a Technical Co-Founder

Featured Image - How to Woo a Technical Co-Founder

Sometimes people have businesses or ideas that need some kind of technical know-how. Whether the business utilizes tech, or it is a tech company, some ideas are very dependent on some form of tech. And while one can outsource the technical aspects of their business, having a technical co-founder could…

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